May 17, 2012

Bright Orange, Neon Pink, & Gold Sequins

Oasap orange blazer | H&M neon pink sheer back tank top (similar) | Chan Luu gold sequin shorts | Michael Kors gold Small Layton watch 

The bangs (fringe) in my previous post were clip-in ones. Just wanted to see how many people I would fool. ; ) tehe I didn't feel like cutting my hair so I purchased cheap ones on ebay for the days I want to have that look. I had bangs when I was a young child and also when I was 18/19. How do you feel about bangs?

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  1. What a cute and chic outfit Jessy! You look great in those shorts- your legs are amazing:)

  2. Such a pretty outfit, Jessy! I just love the color combination!

  3. I love the orange + pink but the sequin shorts take the cake :D so pretty

  4. Ah you tricked me with your clip on bangs :) love the color combo in this look!

  5. Very fun!! I am so used to seeing you in neutrals! I do love the orange/gold with the pink! You pull it off well!

    Those clip-on bangs were a fun idea!

  6. Love this look, Jessy! The wedges somehow make your legs look super long and slim.

  7. Wow Jessy,the tangy orange and golden work v.well!!

  8. Those shorts are amazing!

  9. oh i knew itttt! hahaha. i could have guessed they were clip ons but i didn't say anything (i swear!)

    who was the seller on ebay? i'd like to try them out myself too!

  10. @Really Petite, Tinacious Me, I am Khatu
    Thank you, ladies!

    I looovee these shorts! Thanks Janelle!

    haha I'm happy they look real ;D My friends were fooled too!

    Thanks Michelle! I'm trying hard to veer from dark/neutral colours this season. Hope I can stay on track!

    @Vicky, Martina, Gillian Uang
    Thank you!

    LOL it's just much easier to have clip-on ones! Here ya go: link

  11. This look is gorgeous - I love the unexpected sequinned shorts.

  12. Great outfit Jessy. It's nice to see you bright colors. The orange blazer looks amazing with that sequin short.

  13. What a beautiful look! *-* loved it.

  14. Haha you're so sneaky Jessy! I have a love/hate with bangs. I can only do the side swept ones and I love them but since my hair is curly it's such a pain to have to straighten them everyday :P

    You look so great with those shorts on!

  15. LOL, I agree with Elaine - so sneaky with those bangs! But they truly looked oh so gorgeous on you! Love the beautiful colors in your OOTD and your sequined shorts!

  16. Omg your look is PERFECT ♥

  17. I've had side-swept bangs for 8 years! I've been contemplating the transition to blunt bangs, but your way is a lot easier!

  18. @Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) & SewPetiteGal
    LOL At least they look real to people! Saves me the time & energy of cutting them and growing them out. ; )

    @Joanna Le
    I used to alternate between blunt bangs and side ones, but decided this was the way to go. Low maintenance!

  19. yay finally found them! congrats! i hope to see them being remixed a lot.

  20. this outfit is beyond fun and girly!! I loove it!

  21. Thanks for posting the link to our event, Jessy!



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