Tweed Contrast Sleeve Sweater Dress


The Dress
Finding a neutral coloured sweater dress that isn't too form fitting has been one of my "fashion missions" lately. When this tweed dress from Sheinside went on sale, I immediately picked it up. The pockets are faux, but I plan on adding them in myself in the future. The dress is thick and lined, which is perfect to wear during the fall/winter with tights. I can see this being worn in the spring as well, but with bare legs. Since the dress is black and grey, there is a lot of opportunity to add a punch of colour using your shoes and accessories. Unfortunately, the dress is sold out, but keep checking back in case there is a return!

The Bracelet
I've always been a fan of gunmetal hardware and accessories. I couldn't pass up this bracelet, especially because I'm a fan of skull-themed fashion. The bracelet is cool to the touch and a lot heavier than most of my other jewelry pieces. I would recommend it for those who like the style and don't mind the added weight.

The Tights
These tights have previously been discussed in my outfit post wearing black and grey with studs. They're super warm and worth every penny (under $4!).

The watch I'm wearing is actually new! I bought it from Watch It! and may share my review/experience of it soon.
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  1. I like that you wrote about each piece! I'm gift shopping for a family friend and she's really into skull things. That bracelet looks like it'll fit into her style very well! How fast is Sheinside's shipping?

    1. Thanks Jenny! Both my paid and gifted Sheinside items took less than two weeks. I usually receive them around the one and a half week mark, but I've heard it varies. One of my readers mentioned that she received her order in two and a half weeks, but she had multiple things in the order that needed to be packaged separately. Please let me know your experience if you choose to order! : )

  2. You're lucky to pick it up fast enough. I'm sure it'll be gone in no time. Such a nice sweater dress =)

  3. Such a cute dress! Love that you paired it with tights to make it winter appropriate :)

    1. Thanks Jill! The dress itself is really thick, so I'm excited to experiment with this dress in warmer conditions too!